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Located in Seremban 2, Toraichi Izakaya is an exceptional Japanese restaurant that provides a journey of taste and atmosphere. With its open bar and private dining options, the restaurant offers a unique and intimate dining experience. The limited but focused menu features delicious ramen, juicy char siew, and flavorful broth with options for udon or ramen. Additionally, there are rice bowls, salads, and appetizers that are carefully crafted to delight your taste buds. If you’re finding Japanese Food in Seremban 2, Toraichi Izakaya is the first restaurant you must think of.

End your meal on a sweet note with our must-try dessert, the Matcha Swiss Roll, which is beautifully presented and is a perfect complement to any dish on our menu. At Toraichi Izakaya, our goal is to create a dining experience that leaves a lasting impression on our customers. Come and experience our restaurant for yourself and discover why we’re the talk of the town.


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Our restaurant is a source of pride for us, with our commitment to using only the highest-quality ingredients, creating an inviting atmosphere, and having a friendly staff, all culminating in the creation of the food in the world.


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Ramen 拉面

Is a noodle soup dish that was originally imported from China, and has become one of the most popular dishes in Japan in recent decades. 

Toraichi Izakaya Tora Ramen


Ramen noodles are made by adding water and carbonated water to flour and kneading them to make dough, then thinly rolling the dough and cutting it. Eggs and other ingredients are also used. The quality of noodles varies depending on the type of … 


A finished ramen broth is basically a combination of soup, tare(sauce), fats and oil. The soup is created by boiling ingredients in wafer, where umami and flavour are transferred. The soup is only seasoned once it’s mixed with the tare during the …

Charsyu (Meat)

Gently, slowly simmering the pork belly charsyu, three kinds of soy sauce, and Toraichi using simmer and steam techniques to create the almost melt-in-your mouth texture of Sakura Pork Belly Charsyu.  

Features Dishes

Taste our best dishes with quality ingredients

Tora Ramen / Tora Udon

Pork Bone Tonkotsu Broth, Kimchee Base Sauce, Japanese Style Pork Belly Charsyu, Hakata Ramen, Seaweed, Spring Onion, Wood Ear Fungus

Curry Katsu Don

Fried Breaded Pork Loin, Hikari Short Grain Rice, Japanese Jawa Curry, Greens, Pickle

Charsyu Soboro Don

Charsyu Dice, Hikari Short Grain Rice, Egg, Greens, Pickle

Blueberry Chicken

Japanese Style Fried Chicken Pair With Homemade Berry Sauce


Pan Seared Chicken Gyoza

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319G, Jalan S2 B13, Uptown Avenue Seremban 2, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan


Operating Hours

  • Monday Closed | Open On Public Holiday
  • Tuesday-Sunday 12:30pm-10:30pm